Certified Ghost Hunter Home Study Course

Certified Ghost Hunter Home Study Course
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Are you SERIOUSLY looking for a way to learn more about ghost research? Would you like to know how to investigate haunted houses and document paranormal activity? Have you considered becoming a certified ghost hunter? Then Patti Starr’s “Certified Ghost Hunter” course is for you.

You must be 18 years or older to qualify. Please contact Patti@ghosthunter.com if you are younger.

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Why Certify through Patti Starr?

The purpose of this course is to present an overview of research into ghosts and hauntings. The course is designed for anyone with the desire to learn about, find and document paranormal activity of ghosts. It details a comprehensive coverage in such areas as, understanding ghosts and possible explanations why they are earthbound, the nature of configuration of ghostly energy patterns, where and how to find ghosts, and most important, how to conduct a successful ghost investigation.

Patti refers to her home study course of certified ghost hunter as a practical, “how-to-guide” for serious ghost hunting. “Once certified, you will be amazed at the opportunities that will become available to you in this field.” Patti Starr

“I offer and administer this home study course from my office at Ghost Chasers International, Inc. and this makes me better able to give you individual attention and become your personal tutor. I also have all my required state and federal business licenses.

I will be your coach through your first three investigations. After completing your assignments you will be given a test and once you pass the exam you will be given a diploma of graduation for “Certified Ghost Hunter”. The course adds up to approximately 14 hours of class time and 9 hours of field time at your own convenience.” Patti Starr

Over many years of paranormal research and ghost investigations, Starr has captured many anomalies in photos, videos and audios of haunted locations. Patti Starr is very active as a ghost researcher, author, lecturer, consultant, dowser, and teacher. She is also president of her own organization, Ghost Chasers International, Inc. in Lexington, Kentucky.

Patti has appeared in numerous newspaper and magazine articles as well as national television and radio, including BBC. Articles about Patti have appeared in numerous major publications, like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Patti is also the tour guide for the immensely popular Bardstown Ghost Trek.

She has been featured on national TV , Food Network, “The Best Of Fright Food” filmed at the haunted Talbott Tavern, Bardstown, KY and on the A&E Network, “Airline” filmed in Birmingham, AL, at the haunted Sloss Furnaces and a film clip of the investigation on Arline featured on the Montell Williams Show.

The Certified Ghost Hunter Home Study Course materials include:

"Ghost Hunter Certification DVD" by Patti Starr, a classroom setting as Patti goes over the basic points of becoming a ghost hunter while explaining the use of the instruments are completed on 3 DVDs. You can take this course at your own speed until you feel you are ready to begin your quest. These DVDs will address the basis of being a successful ghost hunter while encouraging you to add your own style and methodology that compliments your own existing talents.

"Ghost Hunter Manual" by Patti Starr, (to use as a quick reference handbook for ghost hunting.)

"Ghost Hunter Certification Home Study Course" by Patti Starr. Includes: 1) Three DVDs of classroom instructions on the basis of how to be a ghost hunter. 2) Investigative forms: * Interview witnesses *Record investigations * Permission Release* Usage of Equipment 3) Report Forms for three completed ghost investigations 4) Instructions to complete three completed ghost investigations

Ghost Chasers International Certified Ghost Hunter Card Size 2"x31/2" standard business size.

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You will also receive email support through assignment of three field investigations, (help with use of equipment such as cameras, recorders, and meters). Once the completed assignments have been sent you will receive a diploma of graduation as “Certified Ghost Hunter”.