GCI Interpreter - Ovilus - Discontinued

GCI Interpreter - Ovilus - Discontinued
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The Ovilus

The Ovilus is an instrument that was designed to interpret different energies that it assimilates into words. It will begin to speak using environmental energy to repeat words from the 512 word dictionary. So if you are using the Ovilus at an investigation and notice that it uses some words over and over that is because it is picking up the same energy that is being translated into that word. It doesn’t mean that it is using the word randomly. Then as you ask questions listen to the response. Filter out the common words that it is using over and over and listen for more specific words that may relate to your investigation.

A few days ago I went with some new students, Pete Eclov and Mary Beth, to the Colville Covered Bridge. We had learned from another student, Eddie Rassenfoss, that if you ask to speak to Ms. Mitchell, you will get an EVP from her. I asked if Ms. Mitchell was with us and after a few words, book, light, etc., it said Sarah Mitchell. I don’t know the first name. I only know the last but I plan to research it to see if she was Sarah. Then Mary Beth asked, “Ms. Mitchell, are you here with us” and Pete captured a reply on his digital recorder, “Yes” from a female voice in the distance. It was clear, strong, and awesome!!

One of the most popular legends of this old covered bridge is that two teenagers coming home from the prom lost control of their car just before entering the bridge and crashed into the river below and drowned. It is said that if you go to the bridge around midnight and park your car in the middle of the bridge that eventually you will see car lights in your rear view mirror as if someone has pulled in behind your car. When you get out to check it they disappear. While I was walking around with the Ovilus I asked if the spirits from the car accident was present and if they could give us a clue. At that moment the Ovilus said, "Car lights". It is not programmed to say sentences. Only individual words.

I’ve been told that there are some ghost hunters that are really bashing and making fun of the Ovilus and saying that it is a big joke because of all the words that come through. I find I get much better results in you put it in the communication mode, which is the third light down. I haven’t worked in the Yes/No mode or the dowsing mode yet because I get such good results in the communication mode.

The Ovilus was designed to go into the field to assist in paranormal investigations! Able to create speech and phonetic speech from the immediate environment you'll quickly make this device the corner stone of your field investigations.

Patti Starr customized this GCI Interpreter Ovilus by changing out 100 words to reflect more on the subject of ghost hunting. It is one of a kind.

Features Include: Speech Mode: using the environment to pick the words to say Phonetic Mode: using the environment to create words phonetically Commutation Mode: using Speech Mode and Phonetic mode EMF Mode: Talking EMF mode Yes / No Mode: Ask questions and get Yes or No answers Level Mode: watch the energy change in the environment Dowsing Mode: works like a pair of dowsing rods! * Single 9v battery for simple fast battery changes * Headphone jack * Record Jack with attenuated output * lite weight 7 OZ with the battery installed! * simple one button operation.

You will also receive FREE headphones with your order of the Ovilus.

Due to the high demand for the Ovilus I would recommend that you DO NOT order AIR shipping. Most of the time we have the Ovilus in stock but lately we sell out so quickly there may be a short wait because of production. Call 859-576-5517 if you want to make sure the Ovilus is in stock.

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