PX Discontinued

PX  Discontinued
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Please use lithium batteries in the PX. Donít let the small size of the PX fool you. It can pack a wallop as a great ghost hunting device but it needs lots of energy. Lithium batteries have lithium metal or compounds as an anode and can produce voltage from 1.5V to about 3.7 V, which is twice as much as your alkaline or zinc-carbon batteries have. For better results and longer lasting sessions please use the lithium batteries in the PX device.

The PXs arrived October 1st and are being shipped out to all the pre-orders. We are officially sold out. Check back with us in a few days to see if we will be able to offer this item again. If you have any other questions or concerns please call 859-576-5517.

The PX will only be sold in the USA. No international sales.

The Ovilus has been discontinued and replaced by a much better device called the PX. The Ovilus will never be produced again according to the inventor.

It is smaller, designed with a different and better form of technology, has a built in speaker, more words, and can be hooked into the computer for more data analysis.

Speech is formed by environmental changes ! Can run stand- alone or with a computer, built in speaker requires 2 AA batteries "not included" The Modes are:

  • Dictionary Mode the PX has 2048 internal words that are used in this mode
  • Phonetic Mode the PX will use phonemes to speak
  • Reverse Phonetic Mode The PX will reverse the phonetic output in effect it talks backwards
  • Touch Mode this mode is used to detect if the device is being touched
  • Voice Change Mode, this mode is the same as #1 dictionary mode except the voice can be altered detected inputs
  • Repeat Mode say last words said .. in this mode the PX will repeat the last words spoke from last said to first up to 400 words.

  • Energy Mode : this mode allows the user to set the sensitivity of the device with one of 3 preset levels. The PX will say LOW then give four beeps pressing mode during this time will set the Energy level low.

    The PX has and Audio output jack for external speakers 8 -32 ohm using a 1/8 inch stereo jack Ampliped speaker will not work with this output.

    The PX has a 2048 word vocabulary twice the original design amount this "firmware" this vocabulary is phonetic, and the PX can actually load new files right from your computer.

    Plugging in an amplified speaker will shut down the audio output of the PX.