The Veil: The Heidi Wyrick Story by Rebecca Harrington & Joyce Cathey

The Veil: The Heidi Wyrick Story by Rebecca Harrington & Joyce Cathey
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The Veil is based on a true story concerning supernatural phenomena of extraordinary proportions that our sister and her family struggled with for more than fifteen years. It is an account of uncontrollable events that caused them undue suffering and despair, and tells of the courage and faith they needed to endure. Although Heidi's story aired twice on national television, she wanted her unusual story set in writing in the event it might enlighten someone else—someone imposed with the same burdens she’d suffered.

This book is not meant to change anyone's opinions, views, or beliefs. It is not meant to turn skeptics into believers. Rather it is about overcoming adversity, overcoming odds, and becoming a better person for it. Heidi wanted her story told and who better to tell it than the family who suffered with her.

This story was first aired on Unsolved Mysteries and then later became a 2 hour TV movie "A Haunting in Georgia" featured on the Discovery Channel.

Two Sisters wrote "The Veil" Rebecca Harrington & Joyce Cathey.

Heidi and her Mom Lisa Wyrick, along with the authors, Rebecca Harrington & Joyce will be appearing at the Ghost Hunter Shop, 835 Porter Place for a book signing, July 7, 2007 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm and then will be joining Patti Starr on the Bardstown Ghost Trekfrom 8:00 - 9:00. Reservation for the ghost walk must be made by calling 859-576-5517

"The Veil" by Rebecca Harrington & Joyce Cathey The Heidi Wyrick Story

At age three, little Heidi Wyrick met a kindly stranger she called “Mr. Gordy”, who became her constant companion. Since no one else in the family could see him they thought he was Heidi’s imaginary friend but later realized that there was more to Mr. Gordy than just a child’s active imagination.

A neighbor heard about Heidi’s special friend and recognized Mr.Gordy’s name. He had lived on the same property years prior to Heidi’s family moving there. She brought over several pictures with only one being a photo of Mr. Gordy. The pictures were shuffled on the table then set out for Heidi to view. When she was asked to pick out the man she calls Mr. Gordy, without hesitation she chose the correct picture.

At age six, Heidi awoke with claw marks on her cheek and a year later her father, Andy, woke up with scratches on his torso. Meanwhile the visions continued with not only the apparition of Mr. Gordy appearing but now there are others. A man with a severed hand is now materializing to Heidi along with a shadowy figure in dark hooded garb.

The family contacts a parapsychologist who attributes the manifestations to energy from a fault-line. Later, a psychic tells them of several spirits in the home, some being good and some being evil. Eventually, they turn to their church for help. After that it seems the Wyrick’s are at peace in their home again but this didn’t last for long. Heidi once again starts to see and experience more apparitions and ghostly activity for years to come.

This story first aired on Unsolved Mysteries and then a few years later the Discovery Channel presented it as a two hour TV movie called “A Haunting in Georgia” which is still being featured on the Discovery Channel today.

Years have passed and Heidi is now a married young woman. You can read all about the rest of the story in the family’s new book, “The Veil”. This chilling biography recounts the story of this young girl that sees and communicates with the dead which eventually makes her life an unrelenting nightmare as she grows older.